Wildlife, National Park , Birds Sanctuary in Sri Lanka.

Considering the position of Sri Lanka the forest cover is fairly considerable. Among them majority of the attractions are Rivers, Waterfalls, Lakes and National forest reserves. Wilpattu is one of the largest and oldest forest reserves in Sri Lanka. There are about 80 natural lakes in Wilpattu and that is why it has got that name. Especially you can see rare animals like leopards and sloth bears. The entire forest reserve is about 131700 hectares or about 1320 Sq. Km. Yala is the Second biggest Sanctuary. It is 980 Sq. Km. in extent. It is one of the major attractions of tourists mainly because you can see very rare animals like leopards and bears. Yala sanctuary consists of 5 blocks but facilities to see animals have been made only in two blocks. Although there are elephants in almost every forest reserve, you can see them in large numbers at Minneriya, Wasgamuwa and Udawalawe. Almost all the animals roam about in these Sanctuaries but it is not always possible to see most of them. Minneriya as largest know meeting place of Asian elephant in the world.  Sri Lanka is an ideal resort for both man and animals. You can see a very large numbers of migrant birds who come from Asian, European and East Asian Countries. They mostly live in bird Sanctuaries like Kumana, Bundala, Palatupana, Handapanagala and Sinharaja forest reserve. They mostly come here during the Winter season in Europe and after the winter they return with their new born babies.

Wilpattu National park -  Area - 1320 sq km.   and  established  1938 - 12 - 25
Yala National park  -  Area - 980 sq km.  and  established  1900 wildlife,  1938 national park
Udawalawe National Park  -  Area - 310 sq km.  and  established  1972 - 06 - 30
Minneriya National Park  -  Area - 90 sq km.  and  established  1997 - 08 - 12
Sinharaja forest reserve  -  Area -  90 sq km.  and  established 1978 - 04 - 30
Kumana National park  -  Area -  357 sq km.  and  established  1970 - 01 - 20
Bundala National Park  -   Area -  63 sq km.  and  established
Horton plain National Park  -  Area - 32 sq km.  and  established  1969  Year
Wasgamuwa National Park  -  Area  -  394 sq km. and  established  1984 - 08 - 07   

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